Aging is a condition many will not want to experience, though it is inevitable but there is a way you can be aging and it’s hard for one to tell.

There are those individuals who are in their mid 20s but you might think they are in their late 50s and the other way round. This is because one is not able to maintain a healthy living and one way you can do this by keeping your skin younger.

Your skin plays an important role in you having a healthy living and the followings ways can help you to have a younger skin.

Dine on Antioxidant foods
It is important to eat fruits and vegetables Veggies have high vitamin content. Keep your skin younger by dining on veggies like spinach and kales.

Avoid smoking
Many know that smoking has got healthy hazards but even so, many still smoke. Apart from internal problems that smoking has to the victim, it also contributes largely to ones’ skin aging fast. Smoking contributes to wrinkling of the skin making one to look much older than his/her years. It makes the skin to have a coarse texture and unhealthy color. If you would like your skin to look younger, quit smoking if you do.

Sun Exposure
This is another factor that contributes largely to aging of the skin. Ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin damaging the skin cells and structure. Most wrinkles on the skin are caused by being exposed to the sun for long. For you to keep your skin from this, you can wear sunscreen which has a sun protection factor. You can also use sunscreen application creams to your hands and body and make it your outdoor routine. This way, you will have prevented sun rays from damaging your skin.

Limit intake of sugar
Sugar consumption has also been associated to having an effect on the skin. Too much sugar causes the skin to be dull and wrinkle prematurely. This process is known as glycation. It is advisable you limit the intake of sugar not just for your waistline but for your skin as well. The best sugar for your body is the natural sugar found in fruits like bananas.

Reduce alcohol intake
Alcohol also contributes largely to skin aging. Too much intake of alcohol dilates blood vessels in the skin and this result to blood flowing near the skin surface. More consumption of alcohol may result to damaging blood vessel completely and this may cause a blotchy, uneven or your skin may look red. Alcohol also dehydrates the skin resulting to less plump thus unhealthy looking skin.

Also prevent your skin from cold weather conditions because if you expose your skin to such a condition, you are likely to chap and dehydrate. You can apply protective creams to keep your skin moisturized even during cold conditions.

These are some of the mistakes that we might be doing resulting to our skin to age and shrink. Take these preventive measures and keep your skin younger.