Have you heard of lipoflavinoids? Neither had I until a good friend of mine told me about them. She recommended the use of Lipoflavinoids for tinnitus treatment, or the ringing noise in the ears.

I am all for practical solutions that improve your health and work to solve health issues. And these do just that. My friend had suffered with tinnitus for years and now she is finding the problem has subsided considerably. I can see it in her face – she’s back to her old self!

Which brings me to the thought I had.

How can we ever take our health for granted?

When we are well, fit and feeling great the pain, misery and depressing weight of sickness, ill health and injury could be a million miles away. We just don’t even think of it.

But when the opposite is true, the pangs of guilt for NOT appreciating our health returns with a vengeance.

So my thought returned to me – I really need to be taking much more time to appreciate all I have been given in this life starting with good health. Sure I am not perfect or free from the stuff that affects us all at times, but I still have so much. I choose to be thankful for that.

What about you?